Inclusive Leadership

Practical Ways to Cultivate Inclusion & Build a Better Team™
Inclusive Leadership


Many organizations are focused on building diverse and inclusive cultures.

To support that, they’ve made progress on building more diverse teams; but is diversity enough? Not according to employees. Their workplace might be more diverse, but their experience is not always inclusive.

Workplace experience shapes whether people remain and thrive—and no one influences that experience more than leaders. Teams with inclusive leaders report higher performance, better decisions, and more collaboration. But many leaders don’t know what to do differently to be more inclusive.

Inclusive Leadership: Practical Ways to Cultivate Inclusion & Build a Better Teamshows leaders that leading inclusively isn’t about doing more. It’s a way to prioritize inclusion in daily behaviors to disrupt bias and create an environment where everyone feels valued and sees an opportunity to thrive.

Introducing Inclusive Leadership: Practical Ways to Cultivate Inclusion & Build a Better Team™


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Inclusive Leadership


Organizations with inclusive leaders are more likely to be high-performing, engaged, and achieve better business results.

Prioritize Inclusion

When leaders choose inclusion in their daily interactions, a culture develops where people feel seen, valued and understood. It becomes safe to share the new idea or take the risk that leads to breakthrough results for your organization.

Teams with inclusive leaders are:


more likely to report that they are high-performing.


more likely to say they make high-quality decisions.


more likely to report they are behaving collaboratively.

* Bourke, Juliet. “The Diversity and Inclusion Revolution: Eight Powerful Truths.” Deloitte, January 22, 2018.

Course Details

Inclusive Leadership consists of three sessions and is available in multiple learning modalities, each includes reinforcement microlearning.

Session 1: Connect to Understand

  • Understand why leading inclusively is a core leadership skill.
  • Build meaningful connections with each team member to increase understanding of their needs

Session 2: Create Opportunity

  • Disrupt the influence of bias while evaluating team members’ contributions and potential.
  • Advocate for each team member consistently and frequently to increase their visibility.
  • Assign work with the intent of helping people develop and display their potential.

Session 3: Cultivate Team Inclusion

  • Model inclusive behaviors during daily interactions.
  • Work with their team to identify and commit to inclusive culture-building behaviors.
  • Effectively offer redirecting feedback on non-inclusive behaviors that impact the team’s culture.

Product Components:

  • Participant Guide
  • Inclusive Leadership Cards
  • Tools


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