Project Management Essentials

Challenge & Solution

Today’s knowledge workers have quietly slipped into the role of the unofficial project manager. Stakeholders, scope creep, no formal training, and a lack of process all combine to raise the probability of project failure costing organizations time, money, and employee morale.

FranklinCovey's Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager will help participants consistently complete projects successfully by teaching them to implement a disciplined process to execute projects and to master informal authority.



Understand that consistent project success depends on processes and people.
Implement Four Foundational Behaviors that inspire their team members to execute with excellence.


Identify a project's stakeholders.
Establish clear and measurable project outcomes.
Create a well-defined project scope statement.
Identify, assess, and manage project risks.
Create a realistic and well-defined project schedule.
Hold team members accountable to project plans.
Conduct consistent team-accountability sessions.
MONITOR & CONTROL Create a clear communication plan around their project that includes regular project status reports and project changes.
Reward and recognize the contributions of project team members.
Formally close projects by documenting lessons learned.

Introduction Video

Who should attend?

  • Those whose large percentage of their work is project-based, and mastering project management skills is essential to help them succeed.

The unique points

  1. A unique solution focuses on the “unofficial project manager” who need to use the “soft power” rather than the official authority to make impacts and lead team to achieve assigned project’s goals.
  2. The framework is accredited by the Project Management Institute, the global organization that set industry standards for project management.
  3. The deliverables addresses both the technical process and the people skill required to achieve project success.
  4. The integrated benchmark allows participants apprise the current project management skill levels of their team and the re-benchmark enables them to track progress and identify areas where practice and coaching need to be applied.
  5. A well-designed 5-Week Quickstart with implementation tools ensures that the learning is continued and new skillsets are developed.




Chuẩn bị và tự đánh giá

PROJECT MANAGEMENT BENCHMARK: helps participants to evaluate their current project management acumen. The benchmark identifies where they are doing well and where they need improvement in project management skills.

Learn and practice

Học tập và trải nghiệm


  • Case studies videos which allow participants out of perspectives into how projects can be managed.
  • A manual and various other aids designed with several practical examples and exercises:

  • -   Key Stakeholder Interview.
    -   Risk Management Plan.
    -   Project Schedule.
    -   Conversation Planner.


  • 5-WEEK QUICKSTART COMMITMENTS: A part of the Action planning on the programme entails the individual to improve behaviors or skills they want to focus.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT BENCHMARK: Help participants to identify progress and additional areas of opportunity.
  • REPORT SECTION: A group from the work session getting together for a couple of hours in week 6 to report out how they are doing or it can be teams of two, reporting to and holding each other accountable.


Client sharings

Help me structure and remind knowledge I have known yet unofficially. This program also provides me tools and files/ template then I could apply into real work. I did understand objectives and why each steps of the projects should happen in order to work with managers and colleagues in harmony.

ROCHE PHARMA – December 14th 2017

"So much of the time in sales, “it” becomes a hit and miss. Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager actually gave me so much direction as to process and how effective and efficient it makes even everyday projects. Documenting and tracking and being able to communicate every step along the way just has to help guarantee results."

Contributed by a Project Management Essentials participant

“I wanted to acquire project management tools and expected to get one or two tips. This course exceeded my expectations. I understand project management now and have excellent tools to use going forward and share with my team. I highly recommend this Project Management Essentials work session. It’s very practical with great takeaways.”

Contributed by a Project Management Essentials participant

“Project Management Essentials is an excellent course!  The first session of training was so well-received, we had FranklinCovey conduct a second round.  Several employees said it was the best training they had ever received.  The course material".

Contributed by a Project Management Essentials participant

"Very informative and now I have a head start on my project. Glad we took time in class to get things started so when I get back to my desk, I am not starting from scratch."!

Contributed by a Project Management Essentials participant

I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  I’ve taken other project management type classes and I liked the flow of this one.  The instructor is also a big factor – as he was very upbeat and very knowledgeable about the subject he was teaching.

Contributed by a Project Management Essentials participant

I really enjoyed the class.  I got what I expected out of the class. I was looking for a process that I could use to drive projects to completion with expected outcome.  I also liked the way the process ensured team engagement and recognition.

Contributed by a Project Management Essentials participant

I enjoyed the simplified approach to an often, at times, complicated process.  The tools clearly organized the purpose of the project and facilitated (when used correctly) team work for a successful completion.  The interactive environment, with open discussions and group work, also made the entire idea of project management tangible and a very attainable goal.  The instructor did a great job promoting a comprehensive product as well as creating an exciting learning environment.  THANKS!.

Contributed by a Project Management Essentials participant

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