Challenge and Solution

Leading organizations successfully today is increasingly challenging in the age of knowledge-based economy and information. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought in new, unpredictable and complex era, which has made substantial impact on corporate structures in both breadth and depth. This reality compels today’s leaders to develop a new competency to foresee, manage and create strategic changes in leading their organization.

The program is aimed to offer key solutions through a proven methodology to ongoing common leadership challenges. Many leaders have not fully been aware of and been able to unleash their own leadership talents. Additionally, some leaders tend to micro-manage their team members instead of helping or empowering their employees to lead themselves and unleash their potential.

Human resources are recognized to be the most valuable factor to any business success, especially in the Age of Knowledge-based Economy and Information. Therefore, leaders are playing more and more important roles in redefining leadership, fostering a driven leadership spirit, and empowering themselves and their teams with effective mindsets, skillsets and toolsets. By doing so successfully, they can proactively build and grow their business to achieve better organizational results in this new era. 
The Whole-Person Paradigm embedded in this Proactive Leadership (PL) program reflects the future leadership spirit and solution.  It also offers the new effective approaches of Management by Self-management or Management by Culture.

The PL program is based on the solution contents of FranklinCovey, the world leader in helping organizations achieve greatness and sustainable results. 


SESSION Participants will be able to:
Foundation of Proactive Leadership
  • Mediocre Leadership / Reactive Leadership: Identify two classic leadership mistakes:
    -          They lead others before leading themselves
    -          They control people instead of helping them lead themselves
  • Proactive Leadership: Identify the methodology to transform yourself and your teams by shifting into two major paradigms:
    -          Lead Myself:
                o    Carry Your Own Weather
                o    I am the Creator of My Own Life
    -          Help People Lead Themselves:
                o    The Whole-Person (Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit)
                o    Unleashing the “Whole-Person” towards the inpiring and worthwhile goals
Practice 1:
Pause before Responding
  • Pause to allow yourself the freedom to choose your response to a stimulus based on principles and desired results.
  • Fully resume the reponsibility for your actions.
Practice 2:
See Alternatives, not Roadblocks
  • Consistently apply proactive language and resourcefulness and initiative (R&I) to break through barriers.
  • Seek and leverage the hidden resources of which you have not ever thought.
Practice 3:
Act on Circle of Influence
  • Act on what you can influence instead of what you have little control over to create changes, consequently expanding your Circle of Influence.
Practice 4:
Define Unique Contribution
  • Define the highest and the best contribution you want to make in your current role.
Practice 5:
Focus on Wildly Important Goals
  • Narrow the focus on a few critical organizational goals
  • Help their team members to set their Wildly Important Goals aligned with their organization’s top priorities to achieve execution excellence.

Delivery Formats

This program can be deliverd in either of the formats:
  • Public Workshop: The attendance fee is $350 per person. A special offer of $300 per person is made to those who complete the attendance payment at least two weeks before the workshop starting date.
  • In-house Workshop: The corporate training fee and design are determined based on the corporate’s needs. For further inquiries, please contact us via email or phone number +84 (28) 3837 0208. 
(*) Program duration: 1 day (6 hours)

“Every great leader attends to all four dimensions of the whole person, which are the body, mind, heart, and spirit, if he hopes to truly lead them—and to leverage their great capacities.”
- Stephen R. Covey
Stephen R. Covey is the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which is among the best-seller and most influential leadership books of all time.

Program Objectives

The solution aims to help organizational managers and leaders:
  • Gain insights into what Proactive Leadership is and how to become a Proactive Leader.
  • Develop a Culture of Proactive Leadership and Proactive Teams based on the Whole-Person Paradigm and the Core Proactive Practices.

Program Participants

  • Top leaders and managers at all levels who need to develop global essential leadership competency, and build self-management competency and a self-operation system for their organization.
  • HR leaders and professionals who need to learn about a new reliable and relevant leadership methodology and model so that they can better partner with their senior leaders in order to develop effective leadership mindsets and practices for organizational desirable performance and sustainable growth. 

Program Features

The program intergrates the world’s latest and most essential leadership methodology in a one-day workshop. It also includes all of the five features of every FranklinCovey’s solution, known as:

1. World-class
The program meets global standards, and its benefits are globally proven.

2. Transformational
The program is proven to not only provide participants with in-depth knowledge but also transform them positively as it is aimed to create a paradigm shift and inside-out changes.

3. Sustainable
The program’s content is built on sustainable foundations of timeless principles and universal values.

4. Integrated
All proactive mindsets, skillsets and toolsets are fully integrated in this program.

5. Performance-oriented
Participants are empowered to achieve both immediate and sustainable results when they commit to living the contents of the program.
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